Airline in Lucknow

Jet Airways

Jet Airways has daily direct flights to Delhi (from ₹3038) and Mumbai (Bombay; from ₹8000).
Bus in Lucknow

Alambagh Bus Station

Long-distance buses leave from the excellent new Alambagh Bus Station, 4km southwest of the town centre, rather than from Charbagh bus stand near the train station. Services include Faizabad (from Rs145, three hours…
Bus in Lucknow

Kaiserbagh Bus Stand

Kaiserbagh Bus Stand also services to Faizabad (₹121, four hours) and Gorakphur (₹260, eight hours) every 30 minutes betwen 6am and 10pm; as well as buses to Rupaidha (₹170, seven hours, 9.30am, 11am, 7.30pm, 8.30pm…
Bus in Lucknow

Charbagh Bus Stand