Tunday Kababi

Top choice north indian in Lucknow

This is the cleaner, more tourist-friendly outlet of Lucknow's renowned, 100-year-old, impossible-to-find kebab shop in Chowk, where buffalo-meat kebabs go for ₹20 a plate. Here the prices are higher, but the staff put on quite a show streetside for to-go orders, while the proper restaurant behind dishes up scrumptious plates of mutton biryani, kebabs and tandoori chicken for throngs of carnivores.

The minced-mutton Galawati kebab (₹84 for four) is buttery soft and packs a spicy punch in the gut; eat them with silky paratha (Indian-style flaky bread made with ghee and cooked on a hotplate) or a sheermal (round bread flavoured with saffron). It's tucked away just off the bustling main Aminabad chowk. You’ll find other Tunday kebab restaurants around the city – some of which are franchises, most of which are copies.