Top things to do in Little Andaman

Beach in Little Andaman

Butler Bay

Little Andaman’s best beach is Butler Bay, a spectacular curved beach with lifeguards and good surf. It's located at the 14km mark.
Lighthouse in Little Andaman

Little Andaman Lighthouse

Located 14km east of Hut Bay, Little Andaman lighthouse makes for a worthwhile excursion. Standing 41m high, 200 steps spiral up to magnificent views over the coastline and forest. The easiest way to get here is by …
Beach in Little Andaman


Located before Butler Bay is Kalapathar lagoon, a popular enclosed swimming area with shady patches of sand. Look for the cave in the cliff face that you can scramble through for stunning ocean views. It’s accessed …
Indian in Little Andaman

Palm Groove

Set in a heritage-style bungalow, with an outdoor garden gazebo, Palm Grove dishes up a selection of tasty biriyanis and curries.
Beach in Little Andaman

Netaji Nagar

The sprawling and rugged Netaji Nagar, stretching 8km to 12km north of Hut Bay, is the beach where most accommodation is located.