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Fill up drinking-water bottles here (₹7 per litre). Dzomsa also offers an environmentally friendly laundry service (₹95 per kg), fresh apricot and buckthorn juices (₹20/80 per glass/litre), and a range of local prod…
Clothing in Leh

Jigmat Couture

Ladakh's first home-grown fashion house uses local design as starting inspiration and sources its much of its raw material from nomadic herders. By invitation it might be possible to visit its private textile museum…
Books in Leh

Ladakh Bookshop

Hidden upstairs opposite the entrance to Chokhang Vihara, this excellent bookshop publishes locally relevant works and stocks the updated 2013 edition of Olizane’s indispensible Ladakh Trekking Maps (₹1500 per sheet…
Market in Leh

Moti Market

Extensive locals' market that sells almost anything. While not architecturally exotic, it's a practical and ever-fascinating place to wander and look for day-to-day shopping items.
Books in Leh

Lehling Bookshop & Cafe

This well-stocked bookshop is the first in Leh to install its own comfortable coffee-shop area, with very decent espresso and wi-fi that actually works.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Leh

Tibetan Refugee Market

Leh has several colourful handicraft markets run by long-term Tibetan refugees, many from families who first fled to Ladakh more than 50 years ago.
Market in Leh

Nowshera Bazaar

This pedestrianised street of tiny shops is full of tailors and barbers, but several shops also sell prayer flags and other Buddhist paraphernalia.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Leh


Upmarket boutique of Tibetan fabrics and crafts from thankas to pen cases and greeting cards.
Arts & Crafts in Leh


Locally produced crafts and clothes.
Books in Leh

Book Worm

Buys and sells secondhand books in English and German.