Leh restaurants

Top Choice Multicuisine in Leh

Bon Appetit

Hidden down unlikely footpaths south of Changspa Rd, Bon Appetit maintains a cuisine that has far more finesse than anything else in Leh, so consider booking. Much on the eclectic menu has an Italian feel, but you'l…
Top Choice Multicuisine in Leh

Food Planet

A Russian–Indian couple has created a menu that really covers the globe. Although some of the more untraditional items were unavailable when we visited (guacamole, Uzbek shurpa soup, stuffed mushrooms), they still h…
Multicuisine in Leh

Wonderland Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Of several long-established rooftop restaurants on Changspa Rd, ever-popular Wonderland has neither the best view nor the snazziest decor but the food is consistently reliable (especially the Indian and Tibetan); th…
Vegan in Leh

Ladakh Café

Leh's first vegan cafe is squeezed into a cute little corner, and features bananas hanging on chains and carafes of free, mint-infused drinking water at the tables. The spicy 'power bowl' makes a delicious lunch; tr…
Asian in Leh

Tibetan Kitchen

Local families tend to eat at home, but for a special treat this is one of the few tourist-area restaurants they are likely to come to, thanks to ever-reliable Chinese, tandoori, Indian and especially Tibetan cuisin…
Multicuisine in Leh


Changspa has several old-faithful rooftop restaurants with book-thick menus. In terms of decor, G-Kitchen is a notch above the competition thanks to its pleasantly appointed indoor section (for colder nights) and tr…
European in Leh


Although it's best known as a cocktail bar, Lehchen is also well worth visiting for its eclectic fusion menu, especially in the afternoons when the casually comfortable place tends to be almost empty. Kitchen open u…
Multicuisine in Leh

Penguin Garden

Strung with subtle lights and dotted with masks, it's well worth seeking out this slightly hidden garden restaurant where you can sit beneath apricot trees and listen to a gushing stream. If the fresh-cooked tandoor…
International in Leh

Bob's Cafe

The blindingly bright glass-fronted open kitchen is bigger than the roadside dining space at this Dubai franchise where the speciality is deliciously spicy crisp-fried chicken.
Multicuisine in Leh


This age-old traveller haunt has been unchanged for so long that its vinyl floors and chequerboard ceilings now seem almost like novel retro design features.