Leh drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cafe in Leh

Lala’s Art Cafe

Entered beside a 2000-year-old Buddha stela, this tiny, mudbrick house with a historic ground-floor shrine was saved from demolition and brilliantly restored in 2006. Stone steps lead to a cafe with floor seating an…
Top Choice Cafe in Leh

Ja Khang

Excellent coffee from a Faema machine served in an interior that brilliantly captures the Ladakhi spirit, while simultaneously feeling airy, bright and up to date. Low-key music plays some evenings. It's upstairs ab…
Cafe in Leh

Old Town Cafe

Hidden in the shadows of Leh Palace, the historic Lonpo House has a 17th-century kitchen that makes a quiet getaway to read and unwind. Currently only serves teas, instant coffee and basic juices, but on some Friday…
Café in Leh

Bikers' Café

This tent-like cafe has a gravel floor, tables made of old tyres and a wall sculpture made from motorcycle parts. Although there's a full multicuisine menu (mains ₹150 to ₹350, kitchen open till midnight), it's more…
Coffee in Leh

Brazil Café

Stunning views of Leh Palace rising above the Jamia Masjid complement a selection of juices, great coffees (made Italian percolator-style), and snacks that include sandwiches, cakes and Brazilan-style chicken pie (w…
Cafe in Leh

Yama Coffee House

Sit at modernist settees at big windows or on the shady roadside terrace for excellent espresso, cakes, local cheeses and fruit muesli.
Cafe in Leh

Cafe de Leh

Loud Indian pop rocks this urban-style coffee shop, layered over three floors. Serves breakfast sets (₹180 to ₹240), pancakes (from ₹120) and sandwiches (from ₹150).
Coffee in Leh


Leh's first major coffee-shop franchise opened in July 2016 with the usual could-be-anywhere orange interiors and standard international pop soundtrack.
Bar in Leh


Leh's first decent cocktail bar also does very good tandoori meals (evenings only, till 10.30pm) and some semi-gourmet European meals.
Cafe in Leh

Leh Town Café

Pleasantly spacious, international-style coffee shop with fast-food snacks and a selection of shakes, desserts and sandwiches.