Top Choice Palace in Leh

Leh Palace

Bearing a passing similarity to the Potala Palace in Lhasa (Tibet), this nine-storey dun-coloured palace is Leh's dominant structure and architectural icon. It took shape under 17th-century king Sengge Namgyal but h…
Buddhist Temple in Leh

Chowkhang Gompa

Hidden in a large courtyard behind Main Bazaar, the small, 20th-century Chowkhang Gompa has a gilt-roofed prayer room strung with hundreds of prayer flags. It’s the headquarters of the Ladakh Buddhist Association.
Buddhist Monument in Leh

Gomang Stupa

This 9th-century stupa rises in concentric serrated layers flanked by numerous chortens. Recent restoration masks its aura of great antiquity but its peaceful, shady setting remains a refreshingly spiritual escape f…
Buddhist Monastery in Leh

Tsemo Gompa

Directly beneath the Tsemo Fort ruins, Namgyal Tsemo Gompa consists of two little 15th-century temple buildings. One enshrines an 8m-tall gold-faced Maitreya, the other is a more atmospheric Gonkhang of protector de…
Buddhist Monastery in Leh

Sankar Gompa

Walking to the timeless two-storey Gelukpa Sankar Gompa takes you between stone walls and attractive Ladakhi farmhouses following little streamlets and passing a pretty rural stupa. Sankar’s small, main prayer room …
Castle in Leh

Tsemo Fort

Visible from virtually everywhere in Leh, 16th-century Tsemo (Victory) Fort is a defining landmark that crowns the top of Palace Ridge, though there's little to see inside apart from a tiny Buddhist shrine. Directly…
Buddhist in Leh

Shanti Stupa

Dominating Leh from a high, rocky ridge, this gigantic white spired pudding of a stupa was built in 1991 by Japanese monks to promote world peace.
Buddhist Monument in Leh

Tisuru Stupa

The ruined 11th-century Tisuru Stupa is a bulky mud-brick structure that looks like a half-built ziggurat (stepped pyramid).
Nature Reserve in Leh

Donkey Sanctuary

Donkeys rescued from mistreatment or end-of-career abandonment retire to this semi-rural sanctuary. Bringing them carrots is a great excuse to wander around lovely, little visited upper Leh.
Museum in Leh

Hall of Fame

This well-presented museum mostly commemorates the army's role in Ladakh from helping with cloudburst relief in 2010 to the high-altitude battles fought with Pakistan during the 20th century and includes a 30-minute…