Top things to do in Leh to Kargil

Top Choice Ladakhi in Alchi

Alchi Kitchen

Alchi Kitchen offers a rare chance to taste traditional Ladakhi foods made with a modern twist. The striking, mod-trad open kitchen runs out flavoursome skyu (vegetable stew containing something like a barley versio…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Alchi

Choskhor Temple Complex

The original murals and statues within these four outwardly modest 11th-century temples are considered the crowning glory of Ladakh’s Indo-Tibetan art. The complex was founded by ‘Great Translator’ Lotsava Ringchen …
Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Yapola Valley

Wanla Gompa

Above Wanla village, tiny medieval Wanla Gompa is dramatically perched on a towering knife-edge ridge flanked by two shattered tower remnants of a now-destroyed 14th-century fortress. Its carved porch is reminiscent…
Buddhist Monastery in Lamayuru

Yungdrung Gompa

Lamayuru's gompa is one of the most photogenic Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. Behind glass within the gompa’s main prayer hall is a tiny cave-niche in which 11th-century mystic Naropa (AD 1016–1100) meditated.
Buddhist Temple in Phyang

Guru Lhakhang

Restored by the army in the late 1990s, this tiny white cube of a temple is said to date back to the time of the 'Great Translator' Ringchen Zangpo (10th to 11th century). It sits on a steep, rocky crag whose higher…
Buddhist Temple in Alchi

Manggyu Temple Complex

The trio of millennium-old temple chambers at Manggyu share many of the features that you'll see at the world-famous Choskhor temple complex at Alchi but have none of the crowds. The central temple features four-hea…
Ruins in Leh to Kargil

Basgo Palace

Rising above Basgo village on a surreal collection of eroded earthen pinnacles are the photogenic stubs of a once-great palace dating from when Basgo was a capital of lower Ladakh. It’s worth coming just for the vie…
Buddhist Monastery in Phyang

Phyang Gompa

Sitting on a knoll in the heart of Phyang, this large Drigung Kagyud school monastery complex has been heavily rebuilt in the last decade but its core dates from 1515. A festival takes place on the 28th to 29th of t…
Ruins in Lamayuru to Mulbekh

Razi Khor

Little visited, Chiktan's shattered palace ruins are a startlingly dramatic sight. Originally the 16th-century palace of the Chiktan royals, the structure was built by master architect Shingkhan Tsandan. Photos in K…
Buddhist Statue in Leh to Kargil

Ney Buddha

The golden form of Ney's 21st-century Buddha statue is claimed to be 26m tall. In reality it looks about half that high but is still an impressive sight gleaming among the greenery. Visiting offers a great excuse to…