Lakshmangarh attractions

Historic Building in Lakshmangarh

Char Chowk Haveli

Beneath the eaves on the northern external wall of this haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence), you’ll find a picture of a bird standing on an elephant and with another elephant in its beak. The murals i…
Historic Building in Lakshmangarh

Rathi Haveli

On the northeast corner of the clock tower square is the Rathi Haveli. On the western wall, a European woman in a smart red frock sews on a treadle machine. The European influence is much in evidence here, with pain…
Historic Building in Lakshmangarh

Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli

If you take the road east from the Radhi Murlimanohar Temple, on the corner of the second laneway on the right is the Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli. The lower paintings on the western wall are badly damaged; the plaste…
Fort in Lakshmangarh

Lakshmangarh Fort

About 50m north of the bus stand through the busy bazaar, a wide cobblestone path wends its way up to the eastern side of the fort. A sign warns that the fort is private property, but there’s a good view from the to…
Hindu Temple in Lakshmangarh

Radhi Murlimanohar Temple

About 50m northeast of Char Chowk Haveli is this large temple (1845), which retains a few paintings beneath the eaves and some sculptures of deities around the external walls.