Top things to do in Lahaul

Top Choice Landmark in Manali to Keylong

Rohtang La

The Rohtang La (3978m) is a spectacular highlight of the journey from Manali to Lahaul and Ladakh. From Manali, the road strikes north along the Beas River and climbs slowly through pine forests and endless switchba…
Temple in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Triloknath Temple

Some 36km down the Pattan Valley from Tandi, a side road leads 5km to the hilltop village of Triloknath, whose squat stone temple is a remarkable example of Hindu-Buddhist syncretism. The white-marble main idol is r…
Hindu Temple in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Markula Devi Temple

In Udaipur, the Pattan Valley's largest village, the Markula Devi Temple looks plain on the outside but the inside is covered with fabulous, detailed wood carvings from the 11th to 16th centuries, including scenes f…
Buddhist Monastery in Keylong

Kardang Gompa

On concrete stilts facing Keylong across the valley, Kardang Gompa has existed for 900 years, but the current building dates from 1912. Maintained by an order of Drukpa Kagyu (Red Hat) monks and nuns, the monastery …
Buddhist Monastery in Keylong

Shashur Gompa

About 2km of uphill walking (or a 7km drive) above Keylong, Shashur Gompa was founded in the 17th century by the Zanskari lama Deva Gyatsho. The original gompa, featuring 5m-high thangkas, is now enshrined inside a …
Buddhist Monastery in Manali to Keylong

Guru Ghantal Gompa

Historic Guru Ghantal Gompa is the oldest monastery in Lahaul and was allegedly founded by Padmasambhava. Although crumbling, the gompa contains ancient thangkas, a painted ceiling mandala, unusual wooden statues of…
Buddhist Monastery in Keylong

Tayul Gompa

Perched above the hamlet of Stingri, 4km east of Keylong, ancient Tayul Gompa has elegant mural work and a 4m-high statue of Padmasabhava. It's about a 45-minute hike up from the main road; taxis to Stingri cost ₹20…
Religious in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Pauri Festival

Triloknath is a major pilgrimage site, especially during the Pauri Festival honouring its temple deity.
Hindu Temple in Manali to Keylong

Raja Gephan Temple

Four kilometres west of the Rohtang Tunnel entrance, Sissu village is home to the architecturally unexciting but locally important Temple of Raja Gephan, the presiding lord of Lahaul, who resides on Gephan (Gepang) …
Museum in Keylong

Lahaul-Spiti Tribal Museum

At the west end of town, this semi-interesting museum displays traditional artefacts including chaam dance masks and a thod-pa (part of a skull formerly used by amchis or lamas to store healing or sacred liquids), p…