Lahaul & Spiti restaurants

Top Choice Multicuisine in Kaza

Hotel Deyzor Restaurant

The Deyzor hotel's restaurant is decked with artistic local photos and offers plenty to read, and there's an eclectic range of dishes, from Thai to thukpa to tandoori specials with an emphasis on seasonal local prod…
Cafe in Kaza

Sol Cafe

This cool little multicoloured cafe, operated by Ecosphere volunteers, offers superstrong coffee, herbal and other teas, and light dishes such as French toast, waffles, pancakes and wholewheat baked goods. Vegan opt…
Multicuisine in Kaza

Himalayan Café

The warm-weather terrace of the Himalayan buzzes with wise-cracking staff, youthful music and a happy graffiti-mural chic that becomes all the more enticing when strung with lights and lanterns at night.
Multicuisine in Keylong

Nordaling Restaurant

It's worth strolling up to the Nordaling's small, mood-lit little garden restaurant, not just for the cosy if simple shaded seating between apple trees and hollyhocks, but also for food that is consistently about th…
Tibetan in Tabo

Cafe Kunzum Top

Shaded by a parachute canopy held high on a prayer pole, Kunzum Top sits amid flowers in the walled yard of the Sonam Homestay, which is also a good budget place to stay. It specialises in local and Tibetan food, wi…
Multicuisine in Tabo

Tiger Den

Tabo's most quintessential traveller cafe provides pitas, pizzas, lemon chicken and superb hummus along with Indian and Tibetan fare and so much more. It's set in a yard of hollyhocks and prayer flags, almost next t…
Tibetan in Komic

Spiti Organic Kitchen

In a forgettable concrete building between Komic's two monastery buildings, Spiti Organic Kitchen offers a very limited but well-cooked menu of local food.
Guesthouse in Kibber

Norling Guest House

On the right as you enter the village by road, this guesthouse has a mixed bag of rooms but is notable as the only real restaurant in the area serving up pretty good Israeli, Indian and Continental dishes, with a pl…
Multicuisine in Kaza

Cafe Zomsa

Drink good lassis or dine on anything from Thai curry to falafel, piri-piri chicken to rack of lamb at a choice of cushion or table seating. The setting combines local art photos, Tibetan murals and a heavy-metal so…
Fusion in Kaza

A Taste of Spiti

Especially appealing at night when lit by twinkling basket lamps, A Taste of Spiti offers Kaza's most inventive cuisine, mixing Spitian and international elements to create some tasty combinations, several of them v…