Top Choice Religious in Ki

Ki Chaam Festival

The monastery at Ki is the scene of whirling dances performed by brightly costumed and masked lamas on the last day of this one-week festival, which is attended by villagers from across Spiti and serves as a ritual …
Rodeo in Langza

Langza-Komic Horse Race

In the first half of August, village men participate in a drunken horse race to Komic and back (or Komic to Langza and back, depending on the year), imbibing large amounts of local home brews before, during and afte…
Fair in Kaza

Ladarcha Fair

Villagers from Spiti, Lahaul, Kinnaur and Ladakh descend on Kaza for the Ladarcha Fair. All sorts of goods are bought and sold, traders wear their finest clothes, and music, dance and feasts add to the entertainment…
Cultural in Keylong

Tsheshu Festival

On dates that vary with the Tibetan calendar, monks at Shashur Gompa perform colourful ritual masked dances known as chaams during this summer festival.
Religious in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Pauri Festival

Triloknath is engulfed with pilgrims during the Pauri Festival, honouring its temple deity.