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Indian in Kumbakonam

Hotel Sri Venkkatramana

Serves good fresh veg food; very popular with locals.
Hindu Temple in Kumbakonam

Kumbeshwara Temple

Kumbeshwara Temple, entered via a nine-storey gopuram and with a long porticoed mandapa, is Kumbakonam's biggest Shiva temple. It dates from the 17th and 18th centuries and contains a lingam said to have been made b…
Water Tank in Kumbakonam

Mahamaham Tank

Surrounded by 17 pavilions, the huge Mahamaham Tank is one of Kumbakonam's most sacred sites. It’s believed that every 12 years the waters of India's holiest rivers, including the Ganges, flow into it, and at this t…
Hindu Temple in Kumbakonam

Nageshwara Temple

Founded by the Cholas in 886, this is Kumbakonam's oldest temple, and is dedicated to Shiva in the guise of Nagaraja, the serpent king. On three days of the year (in April or May) the sun’s rays fall on the lingam. …
Hindu Temple in Kumbakonam

Sarangapani Temple

Sarangapani is the largest Vishnu temple, with a 45m-high eastern gopuram as its main entrance (photography is not permitted inside). Past the temple cowshed (Krishna the cowherd is one of Vishnu's forms), another g…
Indian in Kumbakonam

Taj Samudra

Here you can get tasty veg and nonveg dishes from all over India, brought by friendly waiters, against an almost stylish backdrop.
Indian in Kumbakonam

Sathars Restaurant

Sathars Restaurant at Hotel Raya's does good veg and nonveg fare in clean (if dimly lit) surroundings.
Hindu Temple in Kumbakonam

Ramaswami Temple

Has beautiful horse carvings and frescoes.