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Kullu hosts one of the most unusual and colourful Dussehra festivals in India. Unlike the one-day celebrations common elsewhere, Kullu Dussehra goes on for a week. The opening day is the most exciting, with 200 or m…
Top Choice Hindu Temple in Kullu

Bijli Mahadev Temple

There are several important temples in Kullu's surrounding hills. The Shaivite Bijli Mahadev, a 20km uphill drive southeast to Chansari followed by a 2.5km uphill hike, commands spectacular panoramas over the Kullu …
Clothing in Kullu


For high quality Kullu shawls and other handloom-woven goods, without the hard sell, head to the nearest branch of Bhuttico, the Bhutti Weavers’ Cooperative, which was established in 1944 and has showrooms in every …
Hindu Temple in Kullu

Raghunath Temple

Kullu's pre-eminent temple enshrines the Kullu Valley's major deity, a tiny bronze idol of Raghunath Ji (Rama) that lords it over the Dussehra celebrations. The 17th-century temple is in the Sultanpur area on the hi…
Hindu Temple in Kullu

Bhekhali Temple

High on the hillside in Bhekhali village, less than 2km north of Kullu as the crow flies but 10km by road, the 1600-year-old Jagannathi Temple commands impressive vistas over the valley. A return taxi costs ₹600, an…
Clothing in Kullu

Bhuttico Factory Showroom

The factory showroom of Bhuttico, the Bhutti Weavers’ Cooperative, which was established in 1944. It's beside the road down the west side of the Beas River, 8km south of Kullu.
Multicuisine in Kullu

Hot Spice

For good-value thalis and breakfasts, or a tasty tandoori trout, head for this pleasant open-air cafe up the lane behind the tourist office.
Palace in Kullu

Raja Rupi

In the Sultanpur area on the hill above the bus station, and near the important Raghunath Temple, this palace of the former Kullu rajas is a mix of Pahari (hill-country) and colonial styles. It's not open to visitor…