Museum in Kollam (Quilon)

Krishnapuram Palace Museum

Two kilometres south of Kayamkulam (between Kollam and Alleppey), this restored palace is a fine example of grand Keralan architecture. Inside are paintings, antique furniture, sculptures and a renowned 3m-high mura…
Lighthouse in Kollam (Quilon)

Thangassery Lighthouse

Kollam's imposing 1902-built barber-pole lighthouse was fitted with an elevator in 2016, but you can still opt to walk the 195 spiralling steps for excellent views.
Park in Kollam (Quilon)

Asraman Adventure Park

This lakeside park is popular with families for its playground, roller skating and picnicking.
Beach in Kollam (Quilon)

Kollam Beach

Kollam's main beach is a bit tatty but worth an evening stroll for sunsets and the local fish market at the harbour to the north. The beach improves further south.
Landmark in Kollam (Quilon)

Clock Tower

Central Kollam landmark.