Cafe in Kolkata

Chocolate Room

Chocolate everything! Waffles, fondue, choco-pizza, vareties of hot chocolate and hot, moist cake slices that are rich yet light and eggless.
Cafe in Kolkata

Blue Sky Cafe

Wise-cracking staff serve up a vast selection of reliable traveller standbys including (great old-style banana pancakes) at long glass tables set close enough to make conversation between strangers a little more lik…
Fast Food in Kolkata


Chain cafeteria with inexpensive pay-then-queue vegetarian thalis.
Cafe in Kolkata

Raj’s Spanish Cafe

Popular as a hang-out for medium-term charity volunteers, this unpretentious place serves good coffee (₹40 to ₹70), lassis, pancakes and a range of Italian, Mexican and Spanish dishes.
Cafe in Kolkata

JoJo’s Cafe

Pleasant, well-run backpacker cafe with some original fresh fruit-veg juices and smoothies with evocative names ('Liquid Breakfast', 'Kung Flu Fighter' etc). Free wi-fi.
Street Food in Kolkata

Dacres Lane

A whole series of food stalls that open comparatively late (for street food) are interspersed by various somewhat dodgy bar-restaurants whose fairy lights ad some warmph to the grungey lane.
Cafe in Kolkata

Picadilly Square

Cute six-table cafe with two Victorian-style lamp-posts, a serving counter fashioned like a street cart, and floors designed to feel like a Parisian sidewalk. Serves imaginative savoury crepes (try the Ratatouille B…