Consulate in Kolkata

US Consulate

When Harrington St was renamed Ho Chi Minh Sarani, the US Consulate found itself with an official address commemmorating its then nemesis, the hero of communist Vietnam. While the renaming was certainly not a coinci…
Post in Kolkata

General Post Office

While the iconic old GPO building still sells basic stamps, the new GPO is 100m further along Koilaghat St. Coin dealers, envelope sellers and parcel sewers wait outside. The philatelic bureau sells commemorative is…
Consulate in Kolkata

Bangladeshi Consulate

For citizens of most wealthy nations, who can now get a Bangladesh visa on arrival at airports and land borders, the Kolkata consulate doesn't want to issue visas in advance. If you do need a visa, however, you'll h…
Internet in Kolkata

R-Internet Travels

In a quiet lane off Sudder St, this friendly travel agency also offers some of the fastest internet you'll find in the backpacker area. Bus, plane and railway e-tickets, hotels and other bookings, plus passport phot…
Tourist Information in Kolkata

West Bengal Tourism

The office primarily sells its own tours (last sales 4.30pm), and has good free city maps. Its website is useful for local travel information, as well as booking state-operated hotels and lodges across the state.
Consulate in Kolkata

Bhutanese Consulate

Indian citizens can apply for Bhutan permits at this consulate. Other nationals, however, will need to be on a prearranged package tour with a registered Bhutanese travel agency to qualify for a Bhutanese visa.
Permit Office in Kolkata

Sikkim House

Sikkim Houses arranges travel permits to the mountain state, which come for free and are usually issued within half an hour. Photocopies of your passport and India visa are required with the application.
Tourist Information in Kolkata

India Tourism

This office hands out free maps of greater Kolkata, with major sights and stops marked, and also has useful information about travelling to other parts of India.
Internet in Kolkata

Cyber Zoom

One of two side-by-side internet places at the back of the large courtyard that leads off Park St from beside Kusum Rolls. Passport photos also available.
Website in Kolkata


This website maintains a comprehensive database of popular restaurants in town, along with menus, user reviews, business hours and contact information.