Top Choice Sacred Site in Kolkata

Belur Math

Set very attractively amid palms and manicured lawns, this large religious centre is the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission, inspired by 19th-century Indian sage Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, who preached the unity …
Park in Kolkata

Botanical Gardens

If it weren’t such an awkward trek by public transport, Kolkata’s lovely 109-hectare Botanical Gardens would make a great place to escape from the city’s sounds and smells. Founded in 1786, the gardens played an imp…
Museum in Kolkata

Indian Museum

India's biggest and oldest major museum celebrated its bicentenary in February 2014. It's mostly a loveably old-fashioned place that fills a large colonnaded palace ranged around a central lawn. Extensive exhibits i…
Top Choice Museum in Kolkata

Marble Palace

This resplendent 1835 raja’s mansion is overstuffed with dusty statues of thinkers and dancing girls, much Victoriana, ample Belgian glassware and fine if bedraggled paintings, including supposedly original works by…
Top Choice Museum in Kolkata

Tagore’s House

The comfortable 1784 family mansion of Rabindranath Tagore has become a shrine-like museum to India’s greatest modern poet. Even if his personal effects don’t inspire you, some of the well-chosen quotations might sp…
Top Choice Historic Building in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial

The incredible Victoria Memorial is a vast, beautifully proportioned festival of white marble: think US Capitol meets Taj Mahal. Had it been built for a beautiful Indian princess rather than a dead colonial queen, t…
Top Choice Area in Kolkata

Kumartuli Idol-makers

Countless effigies of deities are immersed in the holy Hooghly during Kolkata’s colourful pujas (offering or prayers). Most have been created in specialist kumar (sculptor) workshops in this enthralling district, no…
Top Choice Hindu Temple in Kolkata

Kalighat Temple

This ancient Kali temple is Kolkata’s holiest spot for Hindus and possibly the source of the city’s name. Today’s version is a 1809 rebuild with floral- and peacock-motif tiles that look more Victorian than Indian. …
Historic Site in Kolkata

Indian Coffee House

If you’re walking down College St to the Ashutosh Museum from intriguing MG Rd, after one block turn left, take the fourth doorway on the left and climb the stairs to this mythic cafe. The cheap, dishwater coffee ca…
Art Gallery in Kolkata

Academy of Fine Arts

Several bright, ground-floor gallery rooms in this 1933 building feature changing exhibitions by local living artists.