Top things to do

Top Choice Historic Site in Kohima

War Cemetery

This immaculately maintained cemetery contains the graves of 1400 British, Commonwealth and Indian soldiers – killed in action during WWII – laid out across stepped and manicured lawns. It stands at the strategic ju…
Cultural in Kohima

Hornbill Festival

Nagaland’s biggest annual jamboree, the Hornbill Festival is celebrated at Kisama Heritage Village, where various Naga tribes converge for a 10-day cultural, dance and sporting bash, much of it in full warrior costu…
Market in Kohima

Central Market

In this fascinating market that supplies the bulk of Kohima's kitchen supplies, tribal people buy and sell local delicacies such as borol (wriggling hornet grubs), tadpoles, bullfrogs, silkworms, exotic condiments s…
Cafe in Kohima

Dream Café

The place to be for most of Kohima’s youth, this busy, cheerful place offers daily lunch specials such as fried noodles or pizza, as well as fresh coffee and snacks. Great hill views can be taken in from the bay win…
Museum in Kohima

State Museum

This well-presented government museum, 3km north of Kohima’s centre, has galleries on two floors featuring tribal artefacts, jewellery mannequin tableaux, and a display of headhunted skulls, curated from old village…
Museum in Kohima

WWII Museum

Located within Kisama Heritage Village is this well-kept museum, which has a collection of war memorabilia dating back to WWII battles fought in and around Kohima. Exhibits include a diverse range of weaponry, table…
Cafe in Kohima

Ozone Cafe

Hip and happening, this central cafe opposite ICICI Bank has a sprawling gymnasium-style dining area, where Kohima’s young guns spend hours catching up over a variety of dishes including momos (Tibetan dumplings), p…
Multicuisine in Kohima

Arudupa Spur Cafe

Part of the Arudupa Hotel, this is one of Kohima’s busiest restaurants, with youngsters relaxing on sofas and tucking into a pan-Asian menu. There's good music through the day, and lots of heaters for cold winter ni…
Music in Kohima

Rock and Metal Festival

Headbangers play out acid riffs at this festival, held in Kohima at the same time as the Hornbill Festival.