Kodaikanal (Kodai) attractions

Lake in Kodaikanal (Kodai)

Berijam Lake

Visiting forest-fringed Berijam Lake, 21km southwest of Kodaikanal, requires a Forest Department permit (₹250). Taxi drivers will organise this, if asked the day before, and do half-day 'forest tours' to Berijam, vi…
Viewpoint in Kodaikanal (Kodai)

Coaker’s Walk

Assuming it isn't cloaked in opaque mist, the views from paved Coaker’s Walk are beautiful, all the way down to the plains 2000m below. The stroll takes five minutes.
Viewpoint in Kodaikanal (Kodai)

Pillar Rocks

About 7km west of town, these towering boulders have jaw-dropping views to the Tamil Nadu plains below.
Museum in Kodaikanal (Kodai)

Sacred Heart Natural Science Museum

In the grounds of a former Jesuit seminary 4km downhill east of town, this museum has a ghoulishly intriguing miscellany of flora and fauna put together over more than 100 years by priests and trainees. Displays ran…
Viewpoint in Kodaikanal (Kodai)

Dolphin's Nose

A narrow rock lookout overhanging a precipitous drop, with views of the valley below. Follow the trail to it for 15 minutes from Vattakanal, or walk all the way from Kodaikanal (4.5km).
Park in Kodaikanal (Kodai)

Bryant Park

Landscaped and stocked by the British officer after whom it’s named, pretty Bryant Park is usually full of tourists and canoodling couples.
Landmark in Kodaikanal (Kodai)

Kodaikanal International School

Set up in 1901, the renowned Kodaikanal International School lends Kodai a bit of a cosmopolitan air, with students from around the globe.
Viewpoint in Kodaikanal (Kodai)

Moir's Point

Less visited than other nearby viewpoints, Moir's Point is 13km west of town and has lovely views across the plains.
Viewpoint in Kodaikanal (Kodai)

Green Valley View

Green Valley View, 6km southwest of Kodai centre, has spectacular views to the plains far below.
Waterfall in Kodaikanal (Kodai)

Bear Shola Falls

Compact Bear Shola Falls are in a pocket of forest on the northwest edge of town.