Islamic Shrine in Kishtwar

Astan Bala

Kishtwar's holiest spot entombs sufi 'saint' Shah Fariduddin Shaib (1592–1691) whose arrival here in 1650 is considered a key date in the town's history. The site is currently hidden within a building site with the …
Viewpoint in Kishtwar

Qila Park

When Kishtwar was its own kingdom, there was a palace on the low, flat-topped Qila Hill that lies around 10 minutes' walk west of the bus stand. Apart from a couple of carved column capitals lying unremarked, there'…
Park in Kishtwar


North of the town centre, mature plane trees, grazing sheep and strolling locals give the Chowgan an atmosphere that is neither quite park nor countryside. The scene is especially attractive when misty clouds hang b…