Kinnaur attractions

Top Choice Hindu Temple in Sarahan

Bhimakali Temple

What makes Sarahan so instantly distinctive are the 'twin towers' of its fabulous Bhimakali Temple, best photographed from behind with a backdrop of distant soaring peaks. Like the three surrounding courtyard buildi…
Buddhist Site in Rekong Peo to Tabo

Gue Mummy Temple

Gue village (rhymes with 'few') is photogenically crowned by a colourful three-layered shrine-temple. This celebrates Tulka Sangya Tenzin, a mysterious 15th-century Buddhist monk whose mummified remains were said to…
Fort in Sangla & Around

Kamru Fort

Clinging to a rocky spur 2km north of Sangla, Kamru village was the original capital of the kingdom of Bushahr. The old Kamru Fort, a 329-step climb up from the foot of the village, contains several handsome wood-an…
Palace in Rampur

Padam Palace

A fanciful feat of oriental neo-gothic architecture, the handsome Padam Palace is central Rampur's only real 'sight'. Built between 1919 and 1925 for the Raja of Bushahr, the main building is still private, but one …
Temple in Sangla & Around

Nag Temple

This fascinating complex in Sangla's old, lower town combines half a dozen stone and carved-wood sub-temples from very varying eras, all topped with archetypal tip-tilted roofs finished with heavy slates.
Fort in Kalpa

Kalpa Fort

Creating a strong visual icon for central Kalpa, this striking 2014 tower-style temple-fort is a reconstruction of an 1869 edifice that fell down in the 1930s.
Buddhist Monastery in Nako

Nako Gompa

On the western edge of Nako, Nako's Gompa combines recent monastery buildings with elements that date back to the 11th century. Inside are some fine murals and sculptures in similar styles to those of Spiti's famous…
Buddhist Site in Nako

Footprint of Padmasambhava

At the southwest corner of Nako Lake are two inconspicuous little white-cube buildings with tin roofs. Inside one is a very ancient mural, inside the other, what some believe to be a footprint of Padmasambhava.
Hindu Temple in Rekong Peo

Chandika Devi Temple

An interesting, much-venerated old temple dedicated to the Kinnauri protector goddess Chandika stands in Kothi village. The taller of its two peaked wood-and-stone towers is the older. The newer contains a number of…
Viewpoint in Nako

Prayer Wheel

For fine views across the lake and village, walk around 10 minutes west from Knaygoh Kinner to a large, embossed copper prayer wheel with large metal dishes attached to make it wind-powered.