Kinnaur attractions

Top Choice Hindu Temple in Sarahan

Bhimakali Temple

The former summer capital of the Bushahr kingdom, Sarahan is dominated by the fabulous Bhimakali Temple, built from layers of stone and timber to absorb the force of earthquakes. There are two towers here, one recen…
Fort in Sangla & Around

Kamru Fort

Clinging to a rocky spur 2km north of Sangla (about 30 minutes' walk), Kamru village was the original capital of the kingdom of Bushahr. The old Kamru Fort, a 329-step climb up from the foot of the village, contains…
Hindu Temple in Rekong Peo

Chandika Devi Temple

An interesting, much venerated old temple dedicated to the Kinnauri protector goddess Chandika stands in Kothi village, uphill north of Rekong Peo centre. The taller of its two peaked wood-and-stone towers is the ol…
Buddhist Monastery in Nako

Nako Gompa

On the western edge of Nako you’ll find the four 11th-century chapels of Nako Gompa, containing some fine murals and sculptures in similar styles to those of Spiti's famous Tabo Gompa, as well as festival dance mask…
Palace in Rampur

Padam Palace

The Padam Palace was built in 1925 for the Raja of Bushahr; only the garden is open to visitors but you can admire the building's facade with its stone arches, carved-wood upper storey, peaked gables and turreted to…
Lake in Nako

Nako Lake

Nako is centred on this small sacred lake, behind which rise towering rock-strewn mountains dotted by stupas. A small temple just above its western end contains what some believe to be a footprint of the legendary B…
Hindu Temple in Kalpa

Narayan-Nagini Temple

This ornately carved temple complex in central Kalpa is primarily dedicated to Durga, with prominent sculptures of tigers (one of Durga's vehicles), but dragon carvings evidence the strong Tibetan influence in this …
Buddhist Site in Nako

Prayer Wheel

For fine vistas over the village and surrounding mountains and valleys, walk up to the prayer-wheel and viewpoint on the hill above the lake (about 500m from the village centre).
Hindu Temple in Chitkul

Mohatmin Mandir

The sizeable Mohatmin Mandir temple in the middle of Chitkul, dedicated to the local god Mathi, has some excellent old and new carving in wood and stone.
Buddhist Monastery in Kalpa

Lochawa La-Khang

Part of the central temple group in Kalpa, with a prominent chorten (stupa) in its forecourt.