Top things to do in Keylong

Multicuisine in Keylong

Nordaling Restaurant

It's worth strolling up to the Nordaling's small, mood-lit little garden restaurant, not just for the cosy if simple shaded seating between apple trees and hollyhocks, but also for food that is consistently about th…
Buddhist Monastery in Keylong

Kardang Gompa

On concrete stilts facing Keylong across the valley, Kardang Gompa has existed for 900 years, but was refounded in 1912. Maintained by an order of Drukpa Kagyu (Red Hat) monks and nuns, the monastery enshrines a mig…
Buddhist Monastery in Keylong

Shashur Gompa

Founded in the 17th century by the Zanskari lama Deva Gyatsho, Shashur's original gompa, featuring 5m-high thangkas, is now encased within a modern concrete one. By road it's 6km of zigzags from Keylong; on foot all…
Museum in Keylong

Lahaul-Spiti Tribal Museum

At the west end of town, this semi-interesting museum can give context to what you've seen in local villages, ideas of other places to go and potted histories of the valleys. Traditional artefacts displayed include …
Buddhist Monastery in Keylong

Tayul Gompa

Perched high above the hamlet of Stingri, 4km east of Keylong, ancient Tayul Gompa has elegant mural work, a 4m-high statue of Padmasabhava and a supernaturally self-turning prayer wheel (or so it's claimed).
Cultural in Keylong

Tsheshu Festival

On dates that vary with the Tibetan calendar, monks at Shashur Gompa perform colourful ritual masked dances known as chaams during this summer festival.
Multicusine in Keylong

Hotel Gyespa

This hotel restaurant's colourful lamps, blue-gingham table-cloths and spacious, tree-fronted terrace make for the most atmospheric dining experience on The Mall. Sadly though, the food can be hit and miss and the b…