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Getting There & Away

Buses and share jeeps stop in the village centre. Several buses run to Almora (₹125, 2½ hours), but in the afternoon they generally stop at Karbala on the bypass road, from where you need to take a share jeep (₹10). Otherwise a shared jeep to Almora is ₹150.

Heading north, buses run every hour or so to Bageshwar via Baijnath (₹60, 1½ hours). Share jeeps (₹30, 30 minutes) run to Garur, 16km north of Kausani, which is a much more active transport hub, and where you can find share jeeps to Gwaldam for onward buses and jeeps to Garhwal (via Karanprayag).

A taxi to Almora costs around ₹1200; to Nainital or Karanprayag it's about ₹3000.