Helicopter in Gulabgarh

Heritage Aviation

Throughout the August yatra season, helicopters fly almost constantly ferrying pilgrims between Gulabgarh and the Chandi Mata site at Machail in just seven minutes. It's usually essential to book ahead, though ticke…
Taxi in Kishtwar

Rafi Tour & Travels

Shared taxi-jeeps to Gulabgarh (basic/luxury per seat ₹100/150, three hours) fill up outside this small shack-office facing Surya Dhaba in the 'old bus stand' area near the Jamia Mosque. It's also the most reliable …
Car Hire in Leh

Ladakh Maxicab Union

Ladakh Maxicab Union runs 11-seater nonstop Tempo minibuses to Manali with departures at either 8pm or 1am. Sign up a day or two ahead to get a decent seat. The journey can take anywhere from 15 to 21 hours.
Taxi in Leh

Shared Jeep-Taxis to Diskit

Arriving before 8am it should be easy enough to find a space to Nubra in one of the Diskit-bound jeeps that fill up at the southern entrance to the polo ground. Some services also go to Sumur.
Taxi in Leh

Long-distance Shared-Taxi Park

Shared jeeps to Kargil (₹900 to ₹1000, mornings), Manali (₹2000 to ₹3000, around 6pm) and Srinagar (₹2000 to ₹2500, 4pm to 6pm) have their own parking area 400m down the Choglamsar Rd from Leh's main petrol pump, ie…
Taxi in Diskit

Nubra Taxi Union

To charter a taxi from Diskit you'll need to assemble both the next driver on the rota and the union boss to stamp the necessary chit. This Kafkaesque system can mean waiting ages for a taxi if the latter is away fr…
Bus Stop in Jammu

Matadors to Nagrota & Buses to Udhampur

Nagrota-bound minibuses from beneath the BC Rd flyover are the cheapest way of getting to Amar Mahal (₹5).
Airline in Leh


Flies Leh–Delhi thrice daily in summer, daily in winter. In Delhi GoAir uses Terminal 1, so leave ample time if you are planning to connect to or from an international flight. GoAir also operates Mumbai–Leh–Srinagar…
Car Hire in Kargil

Jeep Drivers’ Cooperative

Tucked into a parking area just east of Lal Chowk, charter jeeps can be booked here to all destinations, though you'll generally pay the same if you go through Roots Cafe, where better English is spoken. Shared jeep…
Taxi in Leh

Shared Taxis to Choglamsar & Skalzangling

From what's known as the 'Old Bus Stand', just above Friendship Gate, there is a special stand for minivan share taxis to Choglamsar and Skyalzangling near the airport.