Permit Office in Leh

Indian Mountaineering Federation – Leh Office

The IMF's Leh representative, Sri Sonam Wangyal, was the youngest man to scale Mt Everest back in 1965. His house-office, tucked incongruously into the Mentokling Restaurant yard, can swiftly (within minutes) organi…
Post in Srinagar

Main Post Office

The main post office is ringed with walls and razor wire with customers searched before being allowed through the main Bund-side entrance.
Permit Office in Leh

Indian Mountaineering Federation

The organisation that issues peak permits for summits over 6000m. In Ladakh you can apply at the Leh office if the peak is less than 7000m.
Environmental in Leh

Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust

On Friday afternoons at 4pm you can watch a 40-minute video about the ultra-rare snow leopard, whose numbers in all Ladakh are estimated at 300 or less. No drop-in visitors please; if you have a special interest, ca…
Buddhist Association in Leh

Ladakh Buddhist Association

This volunteer organisation seeks 'an empowered Ladakhi society through sustained development', and operates a wide range of charitable projects, notably Riglam School for the destitute. Its most ambitious project, …
Permit Office in Leh


Indian citizens no longer need inner line permits for most of Ladakh's tourist destinations, but if they wish to continue to the restricted zones on the Chinese border (notably Hanle and the fascinating Pangong–Chus…
Tourist Information in Leh

Tourist office

While not great for maps, the new tourist office has updated lists of local festivals, bus timetables, helpful English-speaking staff and a promotional video to watch. There's also a display of local artefacts, a pi…
Tourist Information in Srinagar


Expect a mixture of help and eliptical musings from this information office, which should soon move into a large neo-traditional building if construction proceeds to plan. Apply here for permits for visiting Hari Pa…
Telephone in Leh


Sim cards cost ₹150 excluding credit. Bring copies of your passport and visa plus four photos. Activation generally by next evening.
Medical in Leh


This charitable foundation funded through the Dalai Lama has an Amchi (Tibetan herbal medicine) centre, dispensary and one-room museum ₹20, 800m south of the bus station. Consultations are available without appointm…