Kashmir & Ladakh attractions

Top Choice Palace in Leh

Leh Palace

Bearing a passing similarity to the Potala Palace in Lhasa (Tibet), this nine-storey dun-coloured edifice is Leh's dominant structure and architectural icon. It took shape under 17th-century king Singge Namgyal but …
Top Choice Canyon in Yapola Valley

Yapola Gorge

South of Phanjila, a newly asphalted road takes you through spectacular Yapola Gorge, with its soaring rocky sides, spiky mountain vistas and colourful geological pyrotechnics.
Top Choice Lake in Srinagar

Dal Lake

Over 15km around, Dal Lake is Srinagar's jewel, a vast sheet of water reflecting the carved wooden balconies of the houseboats and the misty peaks of the Pir Panjal mountains. Flotillas of gaily painted shikaras (go…
Top Choice Village in Kargil


Set in a sharp mountain gully 11km from Kargil, the tumbledown ghost village of Hundarman is a remarkable sight. Rocky crags tower above, a steeply raked arc of stone-walled terraces sits below and virtually all of …
Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Thiksey

Thiksey Gompa

Glorious Thiksey Gompa is one of Ladakh’s biggest and most recognisable monasteries, photogenically cascading its assorted Tibetan-style buildings down a raised rocky promontory. At its heart, the main dukhang (pray…
Top Choice Mosque in Srinagar

Khanqah Shah-i-Hamadan

This distinctively spired 1730s Muslim meeting hall is one of Srinagar’s most beautiful mosques. It was constructed without any nails, and both frontage and interiors are covered in painted papier-mâché reliefs and …
Top Choice Architecture in Srinagar

Badshah Tomb

Looking more Bulgarian than Kashmiri, the multi-domed 15th-century brick tomb of King Zeinalabdin’s mum was built on the plinth of a much older former Buddhist temple. It’s within an ancient graveyard hidden in Gadu…
Top Choice Village in Timishgan

Tia Village

Old Tia is one of Ladakh's most delightful village ensembles. Antique homes are layered in tight array up a knoll and are linked by a labyrinth of stairways, animal pens and tunnel passages. All it lacks is a wizard…
Top Choice Mosque in Srinagar

Jama Masjid

Looking like the movie set for an imagined Central Asian castle, this mighty 1672 mosque forms a quadrangle around a large garden courtyard with fountain and monumental spired gatehouses marking the four cardinal di…
Top Choice Gardens in Srinagar

Nishat Bagh

Of all Srinagar's Mughal gardens, Nishat Bagh is arguably the most appealing, with terracing that's steeper than that of better known Shalimar Bagh and fragrant blooming magnolias that frame a lovely lake panorama. …