NGO in Anegundi

Kishkinda Trust

Since 1995, the Kishkinda Trust has been actively involved in promoting rural tourism, education, sustainable development and women’s empowerment in Anegundi, alongside preserving the architectural and living herita…
Tourist Information in Bengaluru

Swabhava Trust

The NGO Swabhava works directly with issues affecting lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people, including publications, advocacy, counselling and training programs. It also operates the Sahaya Helpline. Volu…
Tourist Information in Hampi

Tourist Office

Has brochures but is more useful for arranging cycling tours (per person ₹400 including bike and guide), walking guides (from ₹600) and bus tours (₹350, seven hours), all of which head to the ruins.
Tourist Information in Madikeri (Mercara)

Travel Coorg

Provides a good overview of things to do, as well as arranging homestays, trekking guides and other activities. Also offers transport.
Tourist Information in Badami

KSTDC Tourist Office

The KSTDC tourist office, adjoining Hotel Mayura Chalukya, has brochures on Badami, but otherwise isn’t useful.
Travel Agency in Bengaluru


Thoroughly professional and reliable outfit for booking long-distance taxis and air tickets.
Tourist Information in Vijapura (Bijapur)

Tourist Office

Has a good brochure with a useful map, though practical info is a little lacking.
Tourist Information in Mysuru (Mysore)

KSTDC Transport Office

Main office which offers general tourist information and provides a useful map.
Tourist Information in Bengaluru

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation

Bookings can be made for KSTDC city and state tours.
Bank in Bengaluru

TT Forex

Changes travellers cheques and foreign currency.