Top Choice Religious in Gokarna


A chariot bearing a statue of Lord Shiva and his lingam is pulled through the streets by hundreds of pilgrims to conclude this nine-day festival.
Cultural in Mysuru (Mysore)


Mysuru is at its carnivalesque best during the 10-day Dussehra (locally spelt ‘Dasara’) festival held September or October. During this time the Mysuru Palace is dramatically lit up every evening, while the town is …
Religious in Hampi

Virupaksha Car Festival

The Virupaksha Car Festival is a big event, with a colourful procession characterised by a giant wooden chariot (the temple car from Virupaksha Temple) being pulled along the main strip of Hampi Bazaar.
Dance in Madikeri (Mercara)


The Kodava community celebrates the start of the harvesting season with ceremony, music, traditional dances and much feasting for a week.
Religious in Bylakuppe

Tibetan New Year

Lamas in Tibetan refugee settlements in Bylakuppe take shifts leading nonstop prayers that span the weeklong celebrations.
Religious in Hampi

Vijaya Utsav

Hampi’s three-day extravaganza of culture, heritage and the arts in January.
Religious in Vijapura (Bijapur)

Lingayat Siddeshwara

The Lingayat Siddeshwara Festival runs for eight days. It celebrates Lingayat culture, the worship of Shiva as a universal god, with special prayers ceremonies in temples across the town.
Religious in Karnataka

Vairamudi Festival

Lord Vishnu is adorned with jewels at Cheluvanarayana Temple in Melkote, including a diamond-studded crown belonging to Mysore’s (Mysuru's) former maharajas, attracting 400,000 pilgrims.
Religious in Karnataka


Held once every 12 years, when the 58-foot monolithic statue of Bahubali is swathed in colourful offerings. The next date is in 2018.
Religious in Udupi

Udupi Paryaya

Held in even-numbered years, with a procession and ritual marking the handover of swamis at the town’s Krishna Temple.