Karla & Bhaja Caves attractions

Cave in Karla & Bhaja Caves

Karla Caves

Karla Cave, the largest early chaitya in India, is reached by a 20-minute climb from a minibazaar at the base of a hill. Completed in 80 BC, the chaitya is around 40m long and 15m high and sports a vaulted interior …
Cave in Karla & Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves

On the other side of the expressway from Karla Caves in a lush setting 3km off the main road, Bhaja Caves is the greener and quieter of the region's caves. Thought to date from around 200 BC, 10 of the 18 caves here…
Hindu Temple in Karla & Bhaja Caves

Hindu Temple

There’s a Hindu temple in front of Karla Cave, thronged by pilgrims whose presence adds colour to the scene.