Top things to do in Kargil

Top Choice Village in Kargil

Hundarman Broq

Set in a sharp mountain gully 11km northeast of Kargil, the tumbledown ghost village of Hundarman is a remarkable sight. Rocky crags tower above, a steeply raked arc of stone-walled terraces sits below and virtually…
Museum in Kargil

Munshi Aziz Bhat Serai Museum

Celebrating Kargil's pre-1947 role as a Silk Route trading centre, this small, intriguing private museum illustrates the caravan trade to Central Asia with coins, clothes, saddles, maps and rare 1931 photos by Ruper…
Kashmiri in Kargil

PC Palace Restaurant

One of Central Kargil's few appealing restaurants is hidden upstairs in the overrated PC Palace Hotel. The Indian food is excellent, though the rather soulless place often has the atmosphere of a morgue.
Buddhist Sculpture in Kargil

Apati Buddha

The Yurbaltak Buddha figure makes an appealing half-day trip from Kargil. It's the smallest and most eroded of the region's Buddha statues but getting here is half the fun. Access is via a short, scenic walk from th…