Worth a Trip: Kargil District's Buddhist Heritage

Scattered across the Kargil region are several ancient rock-cut Buddha statues that are worth tracking down. The impressive 7th-century figure at Mulbekh is 8m tall and easy to visit en route to Leh.

Around 2km off the Batalik–Kargil Rd, the smaller, more eroded Yurbaltak figure lies at the back of Apati village, a short but picturesque walk from the end of the access road following a stone-paved path through the village's most traditional knot of homes.

Five kilometres east of Sanku in the Suru Valley, close to the tiny school on the north side of the river facing the historic settlement of Khartse Khar, is arguably the most impressive Buddha in the Kargil region. It's five minutes' walk off the Barsoo Rd.