Top things to do in Kannur

Workshop in Kannur

Kerala Dinesh Beedi Co-Operative

The Kannur region is known for the manufacture of beedis, those tiny Indian cigarettes deftly rolled inside green leaves. This is one of the largest and purportedly best manufacturers, with a factory at Thottada, 7k…
Museum in Kannur

Arakkal Museum

Housed in part of the royal palace of the Arakkal family, a 16th-century Kannur dynasty, this harbourfront museum features antiques, furniture, weapons, silver and portraits. It's a fascinating look into the life of…
Indian in Kannur

Hotel Odhen's

This popular local restaurant in Kannur's market area is usually packed at lunchtime. The speciality is Malabar cuisine, including tasty seafood curries and banana-leaf thalis.
Fort in Kannur

St Angelo Fort

Kannur's fort is the 1505 Portuguese-built St Angelo Fort on a promontory 3km south of town. Wander the well-preserved walls and gardens within.
Workshop in Kannur

Loknath Weavers’ Co-operative

Established in 1955, this is one of the oldest cooperatives in Kannur and occupies a large building busily clicking with the sound of looms. You can stop by for a quick (free) tour and visit the small shop here that…
Beach in Kannur

Payyambalam Beach

Kannur's 4km-long main beach can be accessed via a small park near the military cantonment. It gets busy in the evening when families and couples come down to watch the sunset and picnic.
Arts Centre in Kannur

Kerala Folklore Academy

At this training academy near Chirakkal Pond Valapattanam, about 6km north of Kannur, you can see vibrantly coloured folklore costumes in the museum and sometimes catch a performance.