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Overnight Private Guided Tour of Theyyam from Kannur

Theyyam – the ritualistic performance, which can be described as the most visible, spectacular art form of Malabar (Northern part of Kerala), associated with myths and legends. Theyyam is also a form of worship consisting of rituals, colorful costumes and divine dance through which the gods are appeased and honored. Join us for this overnight tour to experience something you have never experienced before!
5 hours
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Private Tour: Experience Theyyam Ritual from Kannur

Book this private 5-hour tour to experience the colorful Theyyam ritual in Kannur. Theyyam is one of the most spectacular ritual art forms of northern Kerala, featuring legends and stories of gods and celestial spirits, and more than 500 types are performed during the year around Kannur and Kasaragod. Performers guard the purity of the art form and preserve its ritualistic heritage. Your cultural exploration of this event includes with visiting Theyyam festival locations to see costume preparation and makeup and meeting performers and villagers. This tour includes private transportation from Kannur.
5 hours
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Private Full Day Tour of Kannur

Kannur is famous for its pristine beaches, Theyyam, an ancient ritual performance, and its handloom industry. Join this 9-hour tour to get a glimpse of this city's offerings in the comfort of a private vehicle.
9 hours