Top things to do in Kalimpong

Top Choice Cafe in Kalimpong

Art Cafe

Cool cafe with a breezy terrace offering fine views over the Teesta Valley towards Darjeeling. There is good coffee, shakes, lemonade coolers (served in Mason jars) and great thin-crust pizzas (₹160 to ₹180), plus m…
Chinese in Kalimpong


Mr Lee and his daughter serve up fantastic and unique Chinese-style dishes at this eatery with a red interior. Stand-out dishes include the mun wontons (dumplings fried in egg), mun chu nyuk (red pork), homemade mef…
Bakery in Kalimpong

Paris Kalimpong Bakery

Surprising French-owned bakery that serves up excellent baguettes, eclairs, cheese brioches, quiches and cakes, plus coffee. Opening hours can be erratic but it's worth persevering.
Buddhist Monastery in Kalimpong

Durpin Gompa

Kalimpong’s largest monastery, formally known as Zangtok Pelri Phodang, sits atop panoramic Durpin Hill (1372m) and was consecrated by the Dalai Lama in 1976. There are impressive religious murals in the main prayer…
Museum in Kalimpong

Lepcha Heritage Museum

This offbeat collection of Lepcha treasures could be likened to rummaging through the attic of your grandfather’s house (if he were a Lepcha elder). A guide explains Lepcha creation myths, while pointing out religio…
Workshop in Kalimpong

Himalayan Handmade Paper Industry

Visitors are welcome to drop into this small unsigned workshop to see traditional paper-making processes, from boiling and pulping of the local argayli (daphne) bush to sifting, pressing and drying. The resulting in…
Church in Kalimpong

St Teresa’s Church

A fascinating missionary church built in 1929 by Swiss Jesuits, St Teresa was constructed to incorporate designs from a Bhutanese gompa. The wooden apostles resemble Buddhist monks, and carvings on the doors resembl…
Church in Kalimpong

MacFarlane Church

One of Kalimpong's most imposing churches, this 1870 church was severely damaged by a 2011 earthquake, when one of its steeples came crashing to the ground. After renovations, the church is now open to visitors and …
Buddhist Monastery in Kalimpong

Tharpa Choling Gompa

Built in 1922, this Gelugpa-school Tibetan monastery of 50 monks contains statues of the past, present and future Buddhas. Don't miss the fascinating museum, next to an unusual Chinese temple, just above the main mo…
Tibetan in Kalimpong

Gompu’s Bar & Restaurant

Gompu’s is known for its signature oversized pork momos (₹130), which have been drawing locals and travellers alike for as long as anyone can remember. Lunchtime is the best time to find them. It’s also a good place…