Kalimpong restaurants

Chinese in Kalimpong


Mr Lee and his daughter serve up fantastic and unique Chinese-style dishes at this eatery with a red interior. Stand-out dishes include the mun wontons (dumplings fried in egg), mun chu nyuk (red pork), homemade mef…
Bakery in Kalimpong

Paris Kalimpong Bakery

Surprising French-owned bakery that serves up excellent baguettes, eclairs, cheese brioches, quiches and cakes, plus coffee. Opening hours can be erratic but it's worth persevering.
Tibetan in Kalimpong

Gompu’s Bar & Restaurant

Gompu’s is known for its signature oversized pork momos (₹130), which have been drawing locals and travellers alike for as long as anyone can remember. Lunchtime is the best time to find them. It’s also a good place…
Chinese in Kalimpong

King Thai

A multicultural hang-out with a Thai name, Chinese food and Bob Marley posters on the walls, this place draws in monks, businessmen and Tibetan cool kids. The generously portioned food is mainly Chinese with some In…
International in Kalimpong

Cafe Refuel

Cool place with a motorbike-themed decor that uses classic old Vespas for counter seats. The food has a Mexican twist, with homemade nachos and burritos, hamburgers, pizza and pita sandwiches, plus espresso coffee a…