Plenty of Rajasthani handicrafts are available in Jodhpur, with shops selling textiles and other wares clustered around Sardar Market and along Nai Sarak. You’ll need to bargain hard. The town is known for antiques.

Jodhpur’s Jodhpurs

A fashion staple for self-respecting horsey people all around the world, jodhpurs are riding breeches – usually of a pale cream colour – that are loose above the knee and tapered from knee to ankle. It’s said that Sir Pratap Singh, a legendary Jodhpur statesman, soldier and horseman, originally designed the breeches for the Jodhpur Lancers. When he led the Jodhpur polo team on a tour to England in 1897, the design caught on in London and then spread around the world.

Jodhpur's Antiques Showrooms

Jodhpur is famous for antiques, with a concentration of showrooms along Palace Rd, 2km southeast of the centre. These warehouse-sized shops are fascinating to wander around, but they’re well known to foreign antiques dealers, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find any bargains. Also remember that the trade in antique architectural fixtures may be contributing to the desecration of India’s cultural heritage (beautiful old havelis – traditional, ornately decorated residences – are often ripped apart for their doors and window frames), and restrictions apply to the export of items over 100 years old. However, most showrooms deal in antique reproductions, and can make a piece of antique-style furniture and ship it home for you. Outlets also sell more portable and often less expensive items than furniture, such as textiles, carvings and silverware.