Top things to do in Jamnagar

Top Choice Lake in Jamnagar

Ranmal Lake

The attractive, tree-lined promenades around Ranmal Lake have been seriously upgraded and surrounded by a fence with several gateways. There's a bona fide astroturf running track, a brand new history museum on the e…
Top Choice Gate in Jamnagar

Khambhaliya Gate

Built in the 17th century by Wazir Meraman Khawa, and one of two remaining city gates from that period, this genteelly decaying landmark has been recently restored to former glory. Upstairs is a gallery due to open …
Top Choice Jain Temple in Jamnagar

Adinath Mandir

Adinath Mandir, one of the two largest and most elaborate Jain temples in the old town, is dedicated to the 16th and first tirthankars (great Jain teachers) and explodes with fine murals, mirrored domes and elaborat…
Top Choice Jain Temple in Jamnagar

Shantinath Mandir

One of the largest Jain temples in old town, the Shantinath Mandir is particularly beautiful, with coloured columns and a gilt-edged dome of concentric circles.
Hindu Temple in Jamnagar

Bala Hanuman Temple

This temple on the southeastern side of Ranmal Lake has been the scene of continuous chanting of the prayer Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram since 1 August 1964, earning the temple a place in an Indian favourite, the …
Multicuisine in Jamnagar

7 Seas Restaurant

This cool, clean, efficient hotel restaurant has a nautical theme and a touch of class, offering a good range of veg and nonveg dishes, including seafood, Indianised Chinese and tandoori options, and real breakfasts…
Palace in Jamnagar

Lakhota Palace

The diminutive mid-19th-century Lakhota Palace, a fort on an island in the lake, houses a small museum featuring weaponry, manuscripts and pottery from the 9th to the 18th centuries. At research time it was undergoi…
Tower in Jamnagar

Bhujiyo Kotho

This impressive yet crumbling arsenal tower overlooks the south side of Ranmal Lake. Restoration work is underway; once completed, visitors will be able to view the city from the top of the tower.
Multicuisine in Jamnagar

Hotel Kalpana

Clean and modern, with cushy booths, there’s a full list of Punjabi, Gujarati and Chinese food, along with pizza. If you want chicken or mutton, you’ll get it here!
Gujarati in Jamnagar

Brahmaniya Dining Hall

Bottomless vegetarian thalis is what this local place specialises in. The dishes are a little oily but tasty. Find it on the 1st floor of the Badri Complex.