Jamnagar attractions

Top Choice Lake in Jamnagar

Ranmal Lake

Every evening it seems as though half the city has descended onto the well-kept, tree-lined promenades running around Ranmal Lake. There's a bona fide astroturf running track and the diminutive mid-19th-century Lakh…
Top Choice Jain Temple in Jamnagar

Shantinath Mandir

One of the largest Jain temples in the old town, Shantinath Mandir dates to the mid-17th century. Although the outside is classic white, the interior is a fairground of bright colours and recently restored, cartoon-…
Bird Sanctuary in Jamnagar

Sir Peter Scott Bird Hospital

Not a tourist attraction as such, this bird-rescue centre welcomes interested visitors. Injured local birds are brought here to be patched up before being re-released. There are normally plenty of pigeons, as well a…
Palace in Jamnagar

Lakhota Palace

The diminutive and very much restored mid-19th-century Lakhota Palace, a fort on an island in Ranmal Lake, houses a semi-open-air museum featuring well-lit and -labelled displays of stone-carved Hindu gods, engravin…
Hindu Temple in Jamnagar

Bala Hanuman Temple

This temple on the southeastern side of Ranmal Lake has been the scene of continuous chanting of the prayer Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram since 31 July 1964, earning the temple a place in an Indian favourite, the G…
Gate in Jamnagar

Khambhaliya Gate

Built in the 17th century by Wazir Meraman Khawa, and one of two remaining city gates from that period, this elegantly decaying landmark has been restored. After dark the gate is lit up in gaudy colours. There's a s…
Jain Temple in Jamnagar

Adinath Mandir

Adinath Mandir, one of the two largest and most elaborate Jain temples in the old town, is dedicated to the 16th and first tirthankars (great Jain teachers) and explodes with fine murals, mirrored domes and elaborat…
Market in Jamnagar

Shree Subhash Market

Jamnagar's colourful vegetable market dates to the 18th century and resembles a crumbling coliseum.
Street in Jamnagar

Willingdon Crescent

This European-style arcaded crescent was built by Jam Ranjitsinhji to replace Jamnagar’s worst slum. It now houses an assortment of shops and is commonly known as Darbargadh, after the now-empty royal residence acro…
Tower in Jamnagar

Bhujiyo Kotho

Crumbling arsenal tower that overlooks the south side of Ranmal Lake.