Bus Stop in Jammu

Matadors to Nagrota & Buses to Udhampur

Nagrota-bound minibuses from beneath the BC Rd flyover are the cheapest way of getting to Amar Mahal (₹5).
Bus in Jammu

Private Bus Offices

Ticket booths for numerous long distance services are clustered around the old bus station. Check the exact departure point for your bus, though, since some services actually load at other points.
Bus Stop in Jammu

Panjtirthi–Bahu Fort Matador Stop

The cheapest way to reach Bahu Fort from the city centre is on the matador from just south of Indira Chowk. Alternatively take a service bound for the train station and change at Bikram Chowk.
Bus in Jammu

Bus company ticket stalls

Numerous stands sell tickets to a variety of destinations. While some touts are aggressive, most folks are genuinely helpful and can guide you to a suitable service…eventually.
Taxi in Jammu

Bus Station Ramp (Srinagar jeeps)

Shared jeeps to Srinagar start from the ramp just south of the old bus station, but there can be lots of manoeuvring between vehicles and a potentially long wait.
Bus in Jammu

Bus Station

Although the new ISBT has been built, most buses still seem to use this rotting, sweaty concrete eyesore surrounded by its chaotic plethora of ticket agencies.
Bus Stop in Jammu

Bahu Fort Matador Stop

Matadors from here run to Janipur (via the bus stand area) and Panjtirthi (via Jewel Chowk and Shalimar Rd, except at rush hours)
Bus Station in Jammu


A vast area of bus parking with ticket booths but as yet virtually no passengers. Matadors to Channi and Batindi pass close by.
Bus Stop in Jammu

Bikram Chowk Matador Stop

Matadors to Bahu Fort and to the train station stop here – sometimes for as much as 20 minutes – awaiting passengers.
Bus Stop in Jammu

Indira Chowk

Some early morning buses to Kishtwar and Gulabgarh (Paddar) in southeast J&K now start from Indira Chowk.