Top things to do in Jammu

Top Choice Indian in Jammu


This smart revolving restaurant serves superb tandoori kebabs and pan-Indian dishes while offering 360-degree views of the crowded Jammu cityscape. Try the Jammu speciality khatta gosht dhoonidar (smoked lamb flavou…
Palace in Jammu

Amar Mahal

In the 1890s the Dogra maharajas moved from the Mubarak Mandi to this European-style brick mansion in the north of town, with castle-style miniturrets and sweeping clifftop views. It's now a museum whose star exhibi…
Hindu Temple in Jammu

Raghunath Mandir

The large, 19th-century Raghunath Mandir marks the heart of older Jammu and features several pavilions containing thousands of what look like grey pebbles set in concrete. In fact, these are saligrams (ammonite foss…
Museum in Jammu

Dogra Art Gallery

Highlights at this interesting local museum include Pahari-style miniature paintings from Basholi, murals from Reasi Fort, and 5th-century terracotta heads from Ambaran near Akhnoor, as well as the building itself –…
Multicuisine in Jammu

Lime Tree

One of Jammu's top restaurants has casually fashionable indoor and outdoor rooftop pub-style tables at which to enjoy anything from Indonesian satay to Mexican enchiladas, with an emphasis on fusion Western dishes w…
Bar in Jammu

Polo Bar

This classy hotel bar features framed riding crops, saddles and hunting prints. Try a refreshing 'Himalayan Breeze' cocktail; vodka, aam panaa (mango pulp and spices), rock salt, roasted cumin and lime.
Arts & Crafts in Jammu

J&K Government Arts Emporium

Kashmiri souvenirs include a range of papier-mâché work, silk shawls, crewel embroidery, carpets and saffron (₹295 per gram), all at fixed prices.
Fort in Jammu

Bahu Fort

On a modest hilltop across the River Tawi from the main city, Bahu Fort's sturdy walls were reinforced in the early 19th century. Today they enclose a series of shrines set around a much revered Kali temple. You can…
Bar in Jammu

Saqi Bar

In the J&KTDC-run residency building, this overwhelmingly male drinkers' retreat is either authentically historical or dark and dingy, depending on your taste in bars. The bartender works from a Vegas-style 'pit…
Kashmiri in Jammu

Billu Di Hatti

There are numerous good street food stalls around Residency Rd: Billu Di Hatti is every bit as grimy-looking as most, but regular queues (mostly for takeaways) attest to the quality of the tandoori chicken, Kashmiri…