Jammu attractions

Palace in Jammu

Amar Mahal

In the 1890s, the Dogra maharajas moved from Mubarak Mandi to this very European brick mansion a few kilometres from town, with castle-style mini-turrets and wide clifftop views. It's now a museum whose star exhibit…
Fort in Jammu

Bahu Fort

On a modest hilltop across the River Tawi from the main city, Bahu Fort's sturdy walls were reinforced in the early 19th century. Today they enclose a series of shrines set around a much revered Kali temple. You can…
Museum in Jammu

Dogra Art Gallery

This richly endowed museum displays armaments, 9th-century bronzes, instruments, rare miniature paintings from Basholi and 5th-century terracotta heads from Ambaran near Akhnoor. The museum has masses more in storag…
Palace in Jammu

Mubarak Mandi

Started in 1710 and vastly expanded after 1824 under the Dogras, this extensive complex of palace buildings is fascinating for both its scale and its startling state of semi-collapse. The only part that's accessible…
Hindu Temple in Jammu

Raghunath Mandir

The large, 19th-century Raghunath Mandir marks the heart of older Jammu and features several pavilions containing thousands of what look like grey pebbles set in concrete. In fact, these are saligrams (ammonite foss…
Sikh Temple in Jammu

Central Gurdwara

Giving new definition to the lower city centre area, this large, new, classically designed Sikh complex has a light, airy feel, and its gilded domes make it look, to many foreign visitors, like the very archetype of…
Hindu Temple in Jammu

Har-ki-Pauri Mandir

The merrily gaudy Har-ki-Pauri Mandir is home to a family of giant, concrete gods sculpted in a modern, Disney-esque style. They survey a swimming point at the Tawi River. Views of the clifftop Mubarak Mandi across …
Hindu Temple in Jammu

Gupawala Mandir

Tucked behind a gaggle of shawl stalls in an easy-to-miss side valley, the Gupawala Mandir is a small complex of cave tunnels with glitteringly colourful Krishna and Shiva caves. It's probably not worth seeking out …
Hindu Temple in Jammu

Ranbireshwar Mandir

Fairly central, the large if architecturally unremarkable Ranbireshwar Mandir dates from 1863 and enshrines a large collection of lingams, some in opalescent crystal.