Post in Srinagar

Main Post Office

The main post office is ringed with walls and razor wire with customers searched before being allowed through the main Bund-side entrance.

Tourist Information in Leh

Mantra Travel Lounge

An innovative approach to tourist information where you can ask questions of knowlegeable locals or simply meet fellow travellers in a cafe-style relaxation space with free, decent wi-fi and games to play....

Tourist Information in Jammu

J&K Tourism

The J&K Tourism complex includes a simple reception centre, a taxi stand and a musty, institutional hotel hiding an old-school Indian bar.

Tourist Information in Leh

Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust

Visitors can peruse the small displays and gift shop, or watch a 40-minute video on the snow leopard, whose numbers in all Ladakh are estimated at 300 or less. A 3D map shows the location of all its excellent...

Telephone in Leh


The best mobile coverage for remoter parts of Ladakh, outside of Leh. A month-long package with local calls and 1GB of data per day costs around ₹200. Bring two passport photos, a copy of your passport and visa...

Medical in Leh


This charitable foundation funded through the Dalai Lama has an Amchi (Tibetan herbal medicine) centre, dispensary and one-room museum, 800m south of the bus station. Consultations are available without...

Medical in Leh

Dr Morup

English-speaking Dr Morup is an anaesthetist and a specialist in treating Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Makes hotel visits and offers free consultations to those who stay at his homestay, Gangs-Shun.

Telephone in Leh


Sim cards cost ₹280 for one month of unlimited local calls and 1.2GB of data per day. Bring copies of your passport and visa plus two photos. Activation generally by next evening. The shop is hidden down an alley...

Medical in Leh

Oxygen Bar

If you fear that you're suffering from altitude sickness, this comfy room above the tourist office will give you a brief examination and, if they think it's necessary, you can breathe almost-pure oxygen as a...

Tourist Information in Leh

Tourist office

Come for updated lists of local festivals, bus timetables and helpful English-speaking staff.

Tourist Information in Srinagar

Tourism Reception Centre

This smart new building is the place for information, permits (₹200) for trekking the Seven Lakes route, for camping and hiking equipment rental and for advanced Gulmarg gondola tickets.

Exchange in Leh

Paul Merchant

Currency exchange that's open longer hours than the banks. Receipts available on request.

ATM in Leh


Reliable, centrally located cash machines; maximum ₹10,000 per transaction.