Religious in Hemis

Hemis Tsechu Festival

The birthday of great Tibetan 'saint' Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) is celebrated with three days of masked dancing, much of which retells the story of his life. The main event is held on the 10th and 11th days...

Cultural in Leh

Spituk Gustor

The most colourful traditional festival in the Leh area is held from the 26th to 28th of the 11th Tibetan month. The highlight is a series of chaam (masked dances), with the steeply raked steps behind the dukhang...

Sports in Leh

Ladakh Polo Festival

A week-long series of events focused on a polo tournament but also including cultural events, especially on opening day. Held at Chushot, just across the bridge from Choglamsar en route to Matho.

Sports in Suru Valley

Suru Boulder Fest

This international event brings together climbers near Gontabsa village in the Suru's Sanku area.

Religious in Matho

Matho Nagrang

During this famous festival, Matho monastery oracles perform daring acrobatics while effectively blindfolded, ‘seeing’ only through the fearsome ‘eyes’ painted on their chests. They also engage in ritual acts of...

Sports in Leh

Ladakh Marathon

Depending on how far you can push your lung capacity, choose the 7km 'fun' run, a half- or full marathon, or a 71km ultramarathon that goes right over the Khardung La – a pass of over 5600m.

Cultural in Sumur, Tegar & Panamik

Silk Route Festival

This vibrant two-day celebration of Nubra Valley culture includes archery contests, camel riding, traditional dress, dances and traditional food stalls.

Religious in Stok

Guru Tsechu Festival

Royal oracles at the modest Stok Gompa make predictions about the future during Stok’s important Guru Tsechu festival.

Festival in Hunder

Sand Dune Festival

Small tourist festival at the dunes with the usual selection of archery and masked dances, plus camel rides.