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Arts & Crafts in Jaisalmer


This small shop near the fort’s main square sells beautiful patchworks, embroidery, paintings, bags, rugs, cushion covers and all types of Rajasthani art. Proceeds assist underprivileged women from surrounding villa…
Arts & Crafts in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Handloom

This place has a big array of bedspreads, tapestries, clothing (ready-made and custom-made, including silk) and other textiles, made by its own workers and others. If you need an embroidered camel-saddle-cloth (and …
Books in Jaisalmer

Dharan Book Store

Bookshops are 10 to the rupee in Jaisalmer, but this one wins customers over with the cubby-hole cafe at the back, where you can browse through your latest purchase or get online while sipping a decent espresso. It’…
Arts & Crafts in Jaisalmer

Desert Handicrafts Emporium

With some unusual jewellery, paintings, and all sorts of textiles, this is one of the most original of numerous craft shops around town.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Jaisalmer

Light of the East

An enthralling little shop selling a vast array of crystals and rare mineral specimens. The owner will probably whip back a little curtain to reveal an amazing apophyllite piece – not for sale.
Jewellery in Jaisalmer

Hari Om Jewellers

This family of silversmiths makes beautiful, delicate silver rings and bracelets featuring world landmarks and Hindu gods. Asking prices for rings start at around ₹2000.
Arts & Crafts in Jaisalmer

Silk Route Art Gallery

Offers a particularly good selection of patchwork quilts, cushion covers and wall hangings put together from village and tribal textiles.
Arts & Crafts in Jaisalmer

Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan

Sells good khadi (homespun cloth), fixed-price carpets, shawls and woven garments.
Arts & Crafts in Jaisalmer

Zila Khadi Gramodan Parishad

An outlet for traditional khadi (homespun cloth), shawls and woven garments.
Arts & Crafts in Jaisalmer

Gandhi Darshan Emporium

A fixed-price khadi (homespun cloth) shop with handicrafts.