Jaisalmer attractions

Top Choice Palace in Jaisalmer

Fort Palace Museum

Towering over the fort’s main square, and partly built on top of the Hawa Pol (the fourth fort gate), is the former rulers’ elegant seven-storey palace. Highlights of the tour include the mirrored and painted Rang M…
Top Choice Fort in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer’s fort is a living urban centre, with about 3000 people residing within its walls. It is honeycombed with narrow winding lanes, lined with houses and temples – along with a large number of handicraft shops…
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The biggest fish in the haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) pond is Patwa-ki-Haveli, which towers over a narrow lane, its intricate stonework like honey-coloured lace. Divided into five sections, it w…
Top Choice Museum in Jaisalmer

Kothari’s Patwa-ki-Haveli Museum

The first of the five sections of Patwa-ki-Haveli is opened as the privately owned Kothari’s Patwa Haveli Museum, which richly evokes 19th-century life.
Jain Temple in Jaisalmer

Jain Temples

Within the fort walls is a maze-like, interconnecting treasure trove of seven beautiful yellow sandstone Jain temples, dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. Opening times have a habit of changing, so check with t…
Area in Jaisalmer

Sam Sand Dunes

The silky Sam dunes, 41km west of Jaisalmer along a good sealed road, are one of the most popular excursions from the city. About 2km long, the dunes are undeniably among the most picturesque in the region. Some cam…
Museum in Jaisalmer

Desert Cultural Centre & Museum

This interesting little museum tells the history of Rajasthan’s princely states and has exhibits on traditional Rajasthani culture. Features include Rajasthani music (with video), textiles, a kavad (a brightly paint…
Museum in Jaisalmer

Thar Heritage Museum

This private museum has an intriguing assortment of Jaisalmer artefacts, from turbans, musical instruments, fossils and kitchen equipment, to displays on birth, marriage, death and opium customs. It’s brought alive …
Museum in Jaisalmer

Baa Ri Haveli

This 450-year-old haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence), once belonging to Brahmin priests that advised the maharajah, now houses an interesting museum on its several levels. Artefacts from all aspects …
Lake in Jaisalmer

Gadi Sagar

This stately tank, southeast of the city walls, was Jaisalmer’s vital water supply until 1965, and because of its importance it is surrounded by many small temples and shrines. The tank was built in 1367 by Maharawa…