Jaisalmer, Jodhpur & Western Rajasthan drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cafe in Jodhpur

Shri Mishrilal Hotel

Just inside the southern gate of Sardar Market, this place is nothing fancy, but whips up the most superb creamy makhania lassis. These are the best in town, probably in all of Rajasthan, possibly in all of India.
Top Choice Cafe in Jodhpur

Cafe Sheesh Mahal

Coffee drinkers will enjoy the precious beans and the care that is bestowed on them at the deliciously air-conditioned Cafe Sheesh Mahal. And if you're feeling hungry the pancakes here are gaining legendary status.
Cafe in Bikaner

Ganesha Coffee Lounge

With cool tunes and magical atmosphere inside the compound of Bhairon Vilas, Ganesha has good coffee, organic tea, cold drinks and cakes.
Cafe in Jaisalmer

Bhang Shop

Jaisalmer’s licensed Bhang Shop is a simple, unpretentious place. The magic ingredient is bhang: cannabis buds and leaves mixed into a paste with milk, ghee and spices. As well as lassi, it also does a range of bhan…
Cafe in Jodhpur

Stepwell Cafe

This delightful modern cafe with espresso coffee, cakes and Italian dishes sits on one side of the wonderfully restored step-well, Tunwarji ka Jhalra. It's a great place to relax and contemplate the time when step-w…
Bar in Jodhpur

Trophy Bar

For cocktails and imported liquid refreshments, pull up a stool at the Trophy Bar.