Inland Bardez & Bicholim attractions

Church in Inland Bardez & Bicholim

Church of Nossa Senhora de Penha de Franca

Britona’s parish church, Nossa Senhora de Penha de Franca, is a grand old dame, occupying a fine location at the confluence of the Mandovi and Mapusa Rivers, looking across to Chorao Island on one side and to the Ri…
Church in Inland Bardez & Bicholim

Church of St Thomas

Around 5km north of Pomburpa, the large and picturesque village of Aldona is home to the Church of St Thomas, built in 1596, and a grand sight on the banks of the Mapusa River.
Museum in Inland Bardez & Bicholim

Houses of Goa Museum

This multilevel museum was created by well-known local architect Gerard da Cunha to illuminate the history of Goan architecture. Interesting displays on building practices and European and local design will change t…
Hindu Temple in Inland Bardez & Bicholim

Shri Saptakoteshwara Temple

Just 2km from the ferry point in Naroa, the Shri Saptakoteshwara Temple is tiny, tucked away in a narrow emerald-green valley and undisturbed by anything apart from a few mopeds and the occasional tour bus. The deit…
Fort in Inland Bardez & Bicholim

Corjuem Fort

On Corjuem Island around 2km northeast of Aldona, now linked by modern road bridges, you’ll find the remains of Goa's only still-intact inland fort, the abandoned and atmospheric Corjuem Fort. Around 1705 Corjuem ca…
Lake in Inland Bardez & Bicholim

Mayem Lake

Southwest of Bicholim and about 35km from Panaji, glistening Mayem Lake is a pleasant sort of place that’s popular among local picnickers and families. In 2018 Goa Tourism opened a new reception centre here with a c…