Palace in Indore

Lal Bagh Palace

Built between 1886 and 1921, Lal Bagh is the finest building left by the Holkar dynasty. As was the fashion among many late-Raj-era Indian nobility, the lavish interior is dominated by European styles, with striated…
Palace in Indore


The Holkars' original Indore palace, begun in 1749, was almost annihilated by fire in 1984 and is still being rebuilt. Its seven-storey Mughal-influenced facade is striking but work on the interior still has a way t…
Museum in Indore

Central Museum

Housed in a fine Holkar building on the Agra Bombay (AB) Rd, this museum has a good, if uninspiringly presented, collection of medieval (and earlier) Hindu sculptures, along with tools, weaponry and copper-engraved …
Historic Building in Indore

Gandhi Hall

This gorgeous, red-stone, Indo-Gothic city hall was built in 1904 and originally called King Edward’s Hall. It still looms like a ghost of the Raj despite having been renamed in 1948 and standing, appropriately enou…
Statue in Indore

Sardar Patel Statue

In the middle of a busy roundabout near the Sarwate Bus Stand.
Statue in Indore

Nehru Statue

Marks a busy junction in the city centre.
Statue in Indore

Mahatma Gandhi Statue

At the junction of MG Rd and RNT Marg.
Statue in Indore

Tagore Statue

Monument to a great Indian writer.