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Picturesque Mandu Day Tour from Indore

Mandu, presently known as Mandav is one of the romantic places in tourist destinations of India. It’s old name was Sahibabad which signifies as the city of the joy. It is based in the Vindhya Mountain and provides a unique experience on account of scenic beauty. An Afghan ruler Hoshang Shah created  much fortification during his heyday. In this tour product we provide you the day tour of Mandu from your hotel in Indore.
12 hours
Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

2 day tour from Mumbai to architectural wonder of Mandu

The architectural wonder of Mandu is just a weekend away from Mumbai. We will explore this  ancient city going back to the 6th century which became the capital of the Malwa Kingdom for a period in history. We will relive the story of romance between Baz Bahadur an Afghan King and Roopmati a Hindu singer which also changed the course of history of the Malwa region as well as that of the Delhi Sultanate. Some of the fantastic monuments we will visit are the Jahaz Mahal, India’s first marble tomb, the world’s largest harem, Ashrafi Mahal, Baz Bahadur Palace, Roopmati Pavilion, Bhojshala in Dhar, Lalbagh Palace and Rajwada in Indore.
3 days
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Learn the Punjabi cuisine : Cook and Dine with a Local in Indore

Indore, the largest city in the state of Madhya Pradesh is known for its rich cultural diversity. Famous for its food, the city has street food stalls at every nook and corner and has a huge jewellery market called Sarafa Bazaar that turns into a night street food haven. There is much to explore in Indore and the best way to learn about its culture and cuisine would be to interact with a local.Meet home-chef Shalini who has lived in many places around India. She loves hosting guests and serving them with authentic Punjabi food. Join her for a cooking class where she will teach you some amazing Punjabi dishes like Dahi Papdi Chaat (common street food). Kurkuri Bhindi and this will be followed by a scrumptious meal with Shalini and her family.The entire experience will last for 3-4 hours.
4 hours
Transfers & Ground Transport

Private Transfer Service from Indore Airport to Hotel

We welcomes you to the Mini-Mumbai of Madhya Pradesh, with their private Airport Transfer services from the Indore Airport (Airport Code: IDR) to Indore hotel. Our reliable taxi service appeases you due to its ease, economical, and comfortable deportation
1 hour
Transfers & Ground Transport

Private Transfer service from Indore Hotel to Indore Airport

If you are loaded with luggage and want door-to-door transfer service from your Indore hotel to Indore Airport (Airport Code: IDR) then, book Airport Transfer Service with us. we provides the outstanding taxi service without any chaos at economical prices.
1 hour